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A Breathtaking Journey!

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Merry’s – Our Rarest Rice!

We all go where our hearts take us. Ours reach for the lush Pishori rice fields in the slopes of Mt. Kenya. We follow the rich waters of River Thiba to the ends of Mwea rice paddies in search of the purest grains of Pishori rice.

Here, we discover Pishori so fine that we feel compelled to bring home and share with our loved ones. Because home is where the heart is!

Merry's Gold Takes Time

It takes patience to make Merry’s Gold Pishori rice, and rightly so!

Merry’s Gold is meticulously selected and purity tested in adherence to our standards. It’s tough work but we believe only Pure Pishori has the unique characteristics, and yes, nothing worthwhile comes easy.

We package the flavour of Pure Pishori delicately into a signature brand that resonates with our African Heritage.  With each meal comes the reassuring reminder of what we are made of! Your heart beats for home, ours for quality.

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More Than Just a Meal

With Merry’s Pishori you can turn any meal into a masterpiece!

It’s surprising how the art of cooking brings the family together. Yet every art hinges on a solid foundation. The perfect Merry’s Gold helps unlock this potential. Whether preparing an easy vegetable rice dish or a grand dinner, the tantalizing grains will elevate every kind of plate.

Let’s celebrate the awesomeness in Kenya’s finest pishori.

About Us

The journey of preparing a compelling meal is one filled with a million little joys. And we, at Magna Pater, are at the heart it. Our story is the Kenyan story – being one with nature, obsessively passionate about our heritage, and decidedly loyal. The belief that produce so fine as the rare pishori should be shared with others.

Like you, we believe every meal is a story of merry; a moment to share family values and experiences. We dare to link a million little stories to one national narrative – One of patriotism, hard work, and dedication to quality.

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